How God Took Over My Life.

When you think you got it all together and things are looking up for you. You got the career, the house the car and you feel good about yourself and everything. But, God step right in, and you get that funny feeling in your gut this is not good in the natural, but is right in the spiritual. looking back on my life and see how God has been orchestrating my life by taking me from one level to the next. God knows when to step in to keep you refined and to make sure you are obedient to his will and ways. I remember growing up, all I ever did was go to church on Sundays, plus 6 nights per week even though I had to get up to go to school in the mornings. This was a lifestyle for me. The funny thing about it was that I was happy and well contented. I was saved, baptized and filled with the holy ghost at the age of  nine. I grew in the Lord. I remember my grandfather was sick and in the hospital and being at the age of eleven yrs old, I did not know much but It is still fresh in my mind, one night I went to bed and dreamt about a lady,  and she said they are going to do surgery on my grandfather and he is going to die. I remember telling my mother the Saturday morning, I guess she didn’t take me seriously because she didn’t talk about it, the following week they did surgery on him and he actually died. I was scared because I dreamt it. I was different growing up for some reason I did not keep friends. I would be just happy playing by myself and talking to God. I remember one of my teacher would say go and play, but that was not what I felt comfortable doing. I would talk to God all the time, I would just lie on the porch and just meditate on God. I would dream that God hold me up in his arms in the sky and I would say to him that I do not want to go to hell, and he would say, “you will not go to hell”.  To be cont’d.


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